Here at Brackenwood, safe, sustainable, and resilient window and door installation are our passion. Over the years, we have partnered with institutions that back our excellence and quality, just like The British Standards Institution (or the BSI). The BSI is known for developing excellence with over 84,000 clients in over 193 countries. It is a trusted name in the certification of products across the globe.

Brackenwood has been improving homes with quality windows and doors since 1987. Carrying the BSI Kitemark adds that extra peace of mind for customers. They will be safe in the knowledge that their new windows and doors are fitted safely with care.

So, who is the BSI, and why does the Kitemark matter to you, the homeowner?

The History of the BSI

The British Standards Institution was first formed in 1901 under the name of The Engineering Standards Committee. It was formed by Sir John Wolfe-Barry - the man who designed London Bridge. Their very first meeting as a committee was held on the day that Queen Victoria died - 22 January 1901. 

The Kitemark that we recognise today was originally set up in 1903. The organisation then became the British Standards Association in 1918.

Receiving the Royal Charter in 1929, (which was again revised in 1998), the company became known as The British Standards Institution. Today, this flies under the banner of The British Standards Group. This is a global enterprise that has played a key role in developing new standards that help organisations become certified, providing standardisation internationally across several industries.

Between the years of 1920 and 1940, standardisation spread across the globe into places like Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. It was then recognised by the British Government in 1942 as the only organisation for issuing national standards.

Why does the BSI matter? 

The BSI provides certification to businesses under the Code of Practice (relevant to our type of business) BS 8213. With this type of certification, Brackenwood is backed by the standards authority which ensures that our windows and doors are exceptionally safe, weather-resistant, and sustainable.

As such, we adhere to this code of practice, which lays out stringent checks that we, the installer and surveyor, must do on the property on windows and external door sets when we undertake projects like:

  • Installing windows and doors into a new build dwelling or public building
  • Removing old fittings
  • Installing new units into existing dwellings or public buildings
  • Carrying out fittings in extension builds
  • Installing into schools and other public places

The Kitemark is on the products we install which shows that our products are assessed and tested by the BSI. They meet the requirement of the standard within the Kitemark scheme.

Testing for Quality

The BSI conducts this testing of products yearly, wherein successful products are certified with the CE mark. When your windows and doors are next installed by Brackenwood, you will find that familiar CE on the product. This proves that the products you are having installed in your home are more than fit for purpose.

Health and Safety

When you invite a BSI Kitemark-qualified service into your home, you can expect a lot. The installer will comply with all regulations across several stringent checks laid out in the BSI code of conduct. In terms of health and safety, your qualified operative will ensure that they will be sympathetic to you and your home, whilst laying out a safe environment. This means, that even if you are mobility impaired or if you have young children on your property, or even just for you, the homeowner, the operative will not create any hazards and they will provide the safest working environment possible that is sympathetic to you and your home.

They will adhere to the Health and Safety Act of 1974 and practises laid out by the HSE - The Health and Safety Executive. Safety precautions are taken at all times to ensure that you, your home, and your family are safe whilst they are completing the work.

The code of practice only permits BSI-certified products to be used within the fitting process, such as sealants. This ensures that the installation is properly weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and safely installed.

The Kitemark Provides

When the kitemark is used, it ensures that your new windows and doors will:

  • provide a weather-resistant solution
  • provide natural light and ventilation
  • provide safety in use
  • provide means of escape in emergencies like fire
  • provide security against unauthorised entry
  • provide safety when cleaning
  • provide easy maintenance

The code of practice guides all the points above. Emphasis will be on weather tightness, structural support, and the type of window or door unit you have chosen. It will also dictate how these should be fitted correctly. (This applies to bow, oriel, and dormer windows, and coupled or combination frame windows and doors). Consideration is also given to the opening type and direction, and door sets (including access and requirements laid out by you the customer). Structural changes will also be considered (where structural integrity must be ensured during fitting) as well as drainage (of frame or glazing if required).

How does the Kitemark benefit you - the homeowner?

Did you know that over 18% of heat is lost in homes without properly installed and certified windows and doors? Weather-tight windows could save you a lot of money, especially during winter. Using the right materials can make all the difference in how long your new windows and doors will last and just how weather-tight they will be.

When it comes to windows and doors, everyone knows that employing a quality service like Brackenwood that is backed by the Kitemark gives you real peace of mind and assurance of a job done right. Brackenwood has a reputation built from the ground up with accreditation in excellence from organisations like the BSI. The Kitemark is the seal of approval. All you need as a homeowner is a confidence in the safe, quality, professional service that is guaranteed to comply with the latest code of practice as set out by the BSI.


The Kitemark is a symbol of trust. Backed by a standards authority that works on a global scale to ensure that the products used are certified. All our operatives here at Brackenwood are also bound to provide exceptional service in a safe, professional manner, which ensures the precise installation of your new windows and doors. We are also accredited by FENSA - which gives homeowners extra reassurance that the job they are paying for will be done right.

When Brackenwood come around to fit your new windows and doors, look for that Kitemark. You will be safe in the knowledge that your new installation is energy efficient. This will, in most cases, lower your energy bills. It will also increase your home's security - vitally important for you and your family. Improvement can also be made to the appearance and health of your home. Value can also be added, and maintenance reduced.

Brackenwood products are all backed by The British Standards Institution (BSI) - the standard for excellence that is working on a global scale to protect you, the homeowner.

Want to find out more about Brackenwood and what we do to ensure that your installation is compliant with BSI standards? Check out our website today for more information or call us on 0800 253 545.