How Much Will My Brackenwood Conservatory Cost? 

Creating a functional extension, like a conservatory is a great way to increase your floor size, as well as add value to your home. From classic to modern, we have plenty of options to choose from, as well as an extensive range of design features to suit you and your needs. Your new conservatory will be a great investment and addition to your home. When searching online for a guide price on how much your new conservatory costs, it can be difficult to find. Remember that your ideas will vary in price compared to other installations. Finding a guide online won’t be possible. Your new conservatory may also need planning permission. Get some help from our design team, who will help you decide what is best for you and your budget. 

What Kind of Conservatory is Right for Me? 

At Brackenwood, we have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to size and style. We provide a range of conservatories to suit all homes. With years of experience installing conservatories, we have many fixtures and fittings to suit your style.  The pricing of our conservatories is subject to change as you include different design features and alterations in size.  However, for peace of mind, we can send a design specialist to measure up your home. Further to this, we have some great examples to look at. Identify a style that suits you from our gallery and then get in touch with one of our team to explore your options.

The Cost of Edwardian Conservatories 

Edwardian conservatories are a classic. Imagine clean lines and a pitched roof with a central ridge. The corners are square, however, unlike the Victorian conservatory that has rounded corners. This conservatory style dates back to the 17th century and is suitable for smaller buildings like bungalows. This style offers you natural light and maximum space, for a functional, spacious addition to your home.  In terms of pricing, Edwardian conservatories can vary in size, so take this into account when reviewing your budget. Our unique range of fixtures and fittings will carefully match the existing features of your home.

Pricing Up Victorian Conservatories 

The Victorian Conservatory is a familiar addition to many homes around the UK. Both charming and stylish, this classic design provides plenty of comfort. Modern alternatives in Brackenwood’s range offer finishes that have been inspired by the traditional and quintessential design. However, modern frames and security technology helps bring Brackenwood's modern conservatory up to date. The materials we use are uPVC and aluminium, helping to boost the sustainability and longevity of your installation.  The size of this type of conservatory can vary, and therefore, the price can too. This type of conservatory works well in large gardens or on small patios, offering flexible design. It is easy to see why so many choose this option as a new addition to their home. 

Gable End Conservatories and Their Cost

A Gable End Conservatory is a stunning addition to the end wall of your home. It allows for natural light to flow freely in, whilst creating a cosy, and spacious renovation that provides outstanding performance. It will also lengthen your floor plan and add value to your home. This conservatory has its roots in Georgian architecture. At its front elevation, windows reach upward to the apex of the roof. This lets light and heat flood in, providing maximum vantage points around your garden.  Brackenwood provides windows to match the aesthetic of any home. Let us sympathetically capture the characteristics that tie in with your home.

Lean-To Conservatory Pricing 

Ideally suited to homes that have a low roofline, or that have a small amount of outdoor space, the Lean-To Conservatory is a beautiful alternative to larger conservatories. Usually added to the rear of any property, it is a simple, cost-effective design that links your home and garden beautifully.   At Brackenwood, our Lean-To design features allow you to match your conservatory to your home or make a bold design statement. With a contemporary design, the Lean-To suits most homes and provides a terrific way to connect with your garden – even if your outdoor space is limited.  Cosy and efficient, a Brackenwood Lean-To Conservatory won’t break the bank. A Brackenwood lean-to conservatory is a cost-effective way to increase your floor space and finally bring a little of the outdoors, in. 

The Cost of a T-Shaped Conservatory 

The T-Shaped Conservatory is a beautiful way to create two or more distinct living spaces to enjoy. You may want to add another living space to compliment your home as it is, like a games room or adult sitting room for entertaining.   A central renovation to a home, T-Shaped Conservatories connect the space between your outside and inside spaces and can be coupled with most Brackenwood door installations to create a stunning entrance.  T-shaped installations look beautiful with French doors and carefully laid steps down into your garden, creating a feature for your home. 

The Benefits of a Conservatory 

The addition of any type of Brackenwood Conservatory is a visually pleasing way to increase the size of your home. With a new, functional space, your home’s value will increase, depending on the type of installation you choose – if you ever finally decide to sell. Buyers are keen on homes with conservatories attached. A Brackenwood  conservatory is a valuable addition that pushes buyers over the line when it comes to making a good offer.  Since conservatory installation prices tend to be lower than a typical loft conversion, choosing a conservatory from a BSI Kitemark Approved installer like Brackenwood, can save you thousands of pounds, as typical loft conversions can cost upwards of £20,000. Therefore, a conservatory is a cost-effective way to increase the floorplan of your home, whilst adding beautiful, natural light and warmth into any living space, as well as sought-after value and the desire to buy.  At Brackenwood, we also take care of planning applications to get your installation started. No matter what your budget may be, Brackenwood has a range of conservatories to suit you and your home style. We work with you from start to finish, providing a high-quality service to help renovate your home and ultimately help its value grow. 

Concluding Thoughts

Conservatories come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some have glass roofs, or some have new, super thermally efficient and lightweight, solid roofs. Some will have bi-fold doors, others will have patio doors. Pricing for each Brackenwood Conservatory Project is bespoke and unique to each customer. Your choices will not be the same as anyone else. In addition to your choice of style and options, consideration needs to be given to the relevant permissions. Planning Permission (if required), Building Regulation Approval (if required), and finally, SAP Calculations and Soil Conditions. For a 3m x 3m lean-to conservatory with a glass roof and window frames that reach to the ground, (and without the requirement for planning or building control), prices would typically start at around £15,000. Get in touch with one of our experts, today, and get a quote for the work you would like to see done on your new, Brackenwood conservatory. Once your new conservatory is completed, then the decorating can begin! Until then, let Brackenwood help you transform your home into your dream space.

For more information on Brackenwood Conservatory installations, call us, today, on 0330 912 0963.