Conservatory bi fold doors are a hugely popular renovation for many homes across the UK. If you are looking to enhance your living space and bring the outdoors in, then bi fold doors are an impressive and seamless addition to your home. At Brackenwood, we offer many options in terms of colour and style to suit you. These are configurable; providing a range of possibilities to suit your needs. Our frames are made from the highest quality aluminium. Brackenwood’s doors are also fitted with quality fittings and furnishings, meaning that you are investing in an eye-catching, safe solution that is designed for comfort, efficiency, and style. So, what are the benefits of choosing bi fold doors in places in your home like your conservatory? What value do they provide?

Why Choose Bi Fold Doors?

When summer comes, warmer nights and lasting daylight mean an opportunity to enjoy your conservatory to the fullest. After being in lockdown for the last couple of years, opening our homes and enjoying more freedom has become a priority. With tall panes of glass, bi fold doors give you uninterrupted views of your garden. They make the most of the natural light pouring in and allow you to view your outdoor space all year round.

Lots of Natural Light

Finding the right doors to suit your home, is important. Making it a lighter, brighter place to be is good, not just for the design of your home, but also for your wellbeing. The right doors will allow lots of natural light to flood in, turning your indoor space into a haven, even during those wet or wintry days. With thinner sightlines, Brackenwood bi fold doors provide as much natural light as possible, whilst remaining strong and durable. Bi fold doors in a conservatory help provide that continuity of light that makes a home a more peaceful place to be. Allowing natural heat and light to filter into your home, Brackenwood bi fold doors are also durable in tougher weather.

Thermally Efficient Bi Fold Doors

Brackenwood’s well-fitted bi fold doors have A Rated Thermal Efficiency, which means they keep out the cold, whilst keeping the heat in. Our bi fold doors are just as efficient as any of our other installation choices.

A Spacious Place to Enjoy

If you have a beautiful garden that you long to enjoy, then these doors offer you the chance to bring the outdoors in. With the doors opening in a concertina effect (doubling back on themselves), they are built to take up as little space as possible once opened. You are then able to walk freely between your conservatory and your garden, enhancing the size of your home and giving you access to that beautiful outdoor space you have worked so hard on. Great for family homes, the doors tuck neatly away to the side, so they are out of the way of any little adventurers that might enjoy running between the outdoor and indoor spaces! They provide a safe, functional space for your family, so you can keep an eye on all the mischief going on outdoors, whilst you are busy indoors.

Bi fold Doors That Are Flexible

Flexibility is key. With quality doors, you have the option to open one or more doors at a time, which means you can provide as much or as little access outdoors as you need, giving you the best of both worlds - privacy and the freedom to choose. Bi fold doors offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to configurations, too. Choose the number of panels you want, which way you want them opened, and where you would like to include your primary access door (known as a traffic door). With these options in design, bi fold doors offer you true flexibility and the option to fully customise your design to meet your needs. Bi fold doors with 2, 4 or 6 panels offer further design flexibility. A 2-2 design that opens in the middle with no primary door folds away evenly at both ends. This is a popular alternative to sliding patio doors that is particularly pleasing to look at. However, these doors can be made to offer you flexibility in design and the chance to create a unique space that suits the layout and size of your home.

Secure Bi Folds

Brackenwood doors are built with security in mind. Once you close your bi fold doors, you have the facility to lock them in multiple places with our Multi-Point Locking System. This means that once your doors are shut, they can be secured all the way along the sliding track. With robust glass to withstand manoeuvrability, as well as stainless-steel, heavy-duty rollers for smooth operation, your new bi fold doors are sturdy, yet simple and easy to open; despite moving tall doors that would otherwise be heavy and awkward to open and close. With a choice of where to put your main traffic door, you can choose whether to open your home, or just one door, giving you security, privacy, and no need to open all doors to access your garden each time.

Peace of Mind

Brackenwood’s bi fold doors are backed by the best for peace of mind. With enhanced Security from a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, knowing that your home is safe and secure with Brackenwood really gives you that comfort and peace of mind that you deserve. Our bi fold doors come with a 10-year guarantee, which means that you can rest assured that your new installation will last.

Planning Permission? - No Problem!

Brackenwood can take care of the full process from the planning and design stages, to obtaining planning permission, and doing the building works. We can help remove the burden of going through the planning process by taking care of this for you. All you need to do is configure your design and choose the colour, fixtures and fittings. We take care of the rest!

Making the Most of Your Home

Our bi fold doors allow you to do just that. Easy to open and move, they effortlessly glide as they open, meaning that it isn’t a challenging task to open your home and enjoy more of that outside space. Whether you are entertaining friends and family, or just simply enjoying the garden, Brackenwood bi fold doors aren’t just another installation. These doors turn an indoor space into a haven, giving you more freedom and welcoming space to enjoy. They aren’t just a visually pleasing addition, however. These doors are functionally and securely designed to enhance your home and your life. They provide a connection to your spaces; helping make your house a home. Bi fold doors are also a fantastic addition to other areas of your home, balconies, for example, in upstairs spaces. Call us, today, to find out more about how bi fold doors can enhance your home. 0330 912 0963