Imagine stepping into your garden through a set of Brackenwood’s timeless French Doors. Relax in comfortable surroundings, open your new double doors, and step into your garden for easy access between your outdoor and indoor spaces. Made from high-quality materials and finished with a range of fittings, a new Brackenwood uPVC French Door installation offers plenty of value. Helpful customer service guides you easily through the renovation process from start to finish.  With our modern uPVC frames, you can expect a high-quality finish that will add value to your home, providing a pleasing renovation that lasts. Cost-effective and easy to maintain, Brackenwood uPVC French Doors deliver excellent value for money.  Suitable for all types of homes, your new Brackenwood installation will make the most of your indoor space. We want you to enjoy your garden all year round. Our team of specialists will be on hand to help you through each stage of the installation process. In addition, our excellent customer service makes planning your project easy and enjoyable. 

Why Choose Brackenwood’s uPVC French Doors? 

Stylish and functional, Brackenwood uPVC French doors are more than just pleasing to the eye. Built for durability, they are robust; responsible for keeping your home safe and secure. Furthermore, they help to change the mood inside your home with beautiful, natural lighting that completely transforms your space.  Brackenwood’s uPVC doors are also flexible. You can open your master door and use it as a single door. This is great for when you only have small jobs to do, or for when it is cold. However, with two doors, you also have the option to fully open and pin back both sides. This allows plenty of fresh air to pour into your home, ventilating your living space.  Having a home that is energy efficient really makes a difference when the cost of heating your home is constantly on the rise. With warm air trapped inside your home, you can therefore rely on Brackenwood’s smart, efficient system to make heating your home as cost-effective as possible. 

Maximise Light 

Made with the highest quality materials, a set of uPVC French doors from Brackenwood provides the perfect solution. Enhance your living space with lots of natural light for a brighter living space.  With double glazing, your external French doors are energy efficient and will retain heat. This makes it warmer in winter, whilst staying cool in the summer. The benefits of natural light and fresh air cannot be underestimated. With lasting positive effects on mood, fresh air is also good for airing out any mould or condensation that may occur around the home. French doors give you the option to chase away stale air, replacing it with fresh air straight from your garden. 

Affordable Pricing 

Whilst Bi-fold doors and Patio doors offer you the same amount of light, but French doors offer a more cost-effective solution that is popular with many homeowners around the UK. moreover, at Brackenwood, we understand that budget may be a factor when it comes to making decisions about renovations in your home. We provide a realistic, affordable pricing solution that works with your budget – not against it. We offer flexible financing options that make necessary and urgent renovations simple and straightforward. This will allow you to effortlessly renovate your home in a cost-inclusive way. 

Add Value to your Home, With Brackenwood 

At Brackenwood, our uPVC French doors uniquely provide comfort and warmth, whilst providing a robust design that is safe and strong. Homeowners are constantly looking for value when searching for new homes to buy. A home that has a beautiful installation like Brackenwood’s timeless French doors, offers homeowners that extra value that other homes without it do not have. With a ten-year guarantee, your new installation will have FENSA approval and certification that remains with the property for its life span. Therefore, if you are selling your home in the future, new homebuyers have proof that the installation is compliant, certified, and installed by FENSA-approved installers.  Value can also relate to how you perceive your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you love spending time in your garden or if you are looking to brighten your living space, then Brackenwood’s new uPVC French doors will provide immense value and enjoyment. 

Design to Suit You 

Brackenwood’s team of colour technicians have been setting the standards for coloured products for over 15 years. Regardless of the project, Brackenwood will match your chosen colour to your home. Or our team can help you decide on a brand-new colour palette to suit your style, material, or colour.   Brackenwood now provides technical assistance and hand-finished products to many manufacturers across the whole of the UK. With a wide selection of fixtures and fittings to choose from, we have plenty of options that will make your new uPVC French doors really stand out.  When purchasing new or replacement French doors from Brackenwood, it is good to have confidence in the material. The benefits of the uPVC outperform many other competing materials when it comes to French doors, thanks to their robust and durable nature. With toughened safety glass, you can rest assured your windows are durable and strong.   uPVC is also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. A low-maintenance building material, uPVC is usually used as a substitute for stained wood. It provides a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance and is hardy in inclement weather.  

Making the Most of Energy Efficiency 

The extremely high energy performance capabilities of Brackenwood’s uPVC French doors allows them to function seamlessly as a barrier to escaping warm air. They will trap heat inside whilst making sure that cold air stays outside where it belongs. Double glazing is the best solution to keeping your home warm. Argon gas that is pumped into the chamber between two panes of glass ensures that your windows are highly efficient. Preventing the escape of warm air really makes the most of the cost of heating your home. 

Security That Strengthens Confidence 

 Brackenwood’s uPVC French doors have safety as standard, prioritising you and your family’s safety first. The multi-point locking system built into the frame affords you peace of mind when it comes to security. Our specially designed system means that when you shut the doors together and you turn the key in the Master door lock, your French doors will lock tightly - not just in one place, but at several points throughout the frame for maximum security.  With stability during stormy British weather, your glass installation will also be safe inside its frame. Internally beaded for extra security, it means the glass panels are robust and hardy. Brackenwood’s French doors provide the maximum amount of security required to keep your home safe. This will give you long-lasting peace of mind and trust in a durable, reliable system that works.  Your new Brackenwood uPVC French Doors come with the British Standard Kite Mark, which means that your new installation is tested and approved for safety. Since 1987, Brackenwood has been improving homes with quality window and door installations. Carrying the BSI Kitemark has added that extra peace of mind for customers who are safe in the knowledge that their new window and door installations by Brackenwood are done safely, efficiently and with due care and attention to detail.  

The Benefits of Brackenwood uPVC French Doors 

 Brackenwood windows and doors are built with style in mind; however, they are also incredibly durable, energy efficient, and functional. Our uPVC French doors really add a touch of class to the rear aspect of your home. So much so that you will be able to plan your indoor and outdoor living spaces around them.  Make the most of beautiful Brackenwood windows and doors, today. Get a free quote or contact us to find out how Brackenwood can bring efficient double glazing into your home.