When looking to improve their property, many homeowners will consider installing new windows and there is no denying that this is incredibly beneficial. However, replacing their exterior doors can be just as advantageous but it is frequently overlooked. From improving your home’s security to reducing your energy bills, it goes without saying that it is always worthwhile considering investing in new exterior doors and they can give your property a new lease of life.  Nowadays, there is a huge range of different doors available to choose from on the market and it doesn’t matter what the style of your property may be, you will easily be able to find something that perfectly complements the rest of your home. If you have never looked into replacement doors before then understandably the vast market can be quite overwhelming. So, to help any homeowners, we have broken down the different types of doors into three main categories. 

Front doors 

Arguably, choosing a front door is a bigger decision than choosing any other type of external door, after all, your front door dramatically influences visitors' first impressions of your home. So, it is important to choose the correct style and design for your property.  Whilst entrance doors are traditionally a single door that opens inwards, double door options are available and you can easily adapt this type of door to your requirements. You can choose from materials such as; composite, aluminium, uPVC and timber for your front door and you have control over everything from the frame colour and glass design to the furnishings too.  

Side doors 

Many properties also have side doors and it is easy for homeowners to forget about these when looking to replace their exterior doors. Depending on the look you’re wanting for your side door, you have a few different options to choose from. One of the most popular options for side doors is a stable door. This traditional style of door looks like a standard single entrance door, but it has a horizontal split which allows you to only open half of the door. Similarly to front doors, when choosing your side door you have control over every aspect of the design and can ensure that it is right for your home. 

Back doors

When replacing the doors at the back of your property that lead to your garden, you have many more options than you do for your front or side door, mainly because you have more space for a wider opening. Some of the most popular back doors include; 
  • Bifold doors - back doors that concertina open, they are usually made up of huge panels of glass and are available in a range of configurations. 
  • French doors - back doors that are on hinges and open outwards, they are usually two doors that share a single frame and are the most commonly seen type of door. 
  • Patio doors - back doors that slide open, they are usually made of two big panels of glass and can be made of more panels if required. 
As you may expect, all of these different back door options have pros and cons, and are also incredibly versatile. You have control over every single aspect of the design, the same way you do with front and side doors, so you can ensure that they perfectly complement both the interior and exterior of your home and meet all of your needs. 

Getting a door replacement quote today 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about the many different types of doors that you’re able to choose from these days. This information should help you to decide which doors to purchase when wanting to improve your home. Of course, it is incredibly beneficial to visit a door showroom when investing in replacement doors, so why not visit our team at Brackenwood to see the different types of doors mentioned above in person? Not only are our staff ready to share their knowledge of the range to help you find exactly the right design, but they will gladly provide you with a tailored door replacement quote too. No matter whether you’re looking for a new entrance door or some bifold doors in Berkshire, you can trust that you’re in safe hands with us and should you wish to go ahead with the replacement, our talented team will design, manufacture and install your new external doors for you. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading comprehensive services and we look forward to assisting you further.