When undertaking home improvements, it is highly unlikely that you will think about replacing your windows. In fact, this is something that many homeowners simply assume that they won’t need to do during their ownership of a property. Whilst like doors, windows are designed to last for many years, there is a chance that if they haven’t been well maintained, then they may actually need replacing sooner than you think.  Even though people consider purchasing replacement windows as an unnecessary expense, there are actually numerous benefits to doing so. Unfortunately, many homeowners still put off replacing their windows for as long as possible, and it is often a job that remains at the bottom of a ‘to-do’ list for many years. The longer you leave it to invest in replacements, the worse your windows will get, and you will likely start to notice things that you can’t really ignore. So, if you see any of the common signs mentioned below, it really is time for some replacements. 

The window is visibly broken 

It goes without saying really that if your windows are visibly broken, whether this is a smashed glass pane or a cracked frame, they will need extensive repairs or to simply be replaced. Of course, you have the option just to replace the window that is broken, but you may find that it is a good time to invest in replacement windows for the whole house. 

The frame of the window is starting to deteriorate

If you have timber frame windows, then this is something that you need to be aware of. Over time, even if you ensure that your windows are well maintained, timber frames will likely begin to decay, and you may start to see rot and mould. You may also find that UPVC windows can discolour and warp over time too. Whilst general wear and tear isn’t really a problem, you shouldn’t ignore these more extreme signs of deterioration. 

You have noticed a rise in your energy bills 

When you notice an unexplainable rising in your energy bills, your windows could be to blame. Everything from poor insulation to faulty seals can cause you to have drafty windows, and this will affect your whole home’s temperature and energy efficiency. Ideally, if this is the case, you should consider opting for replacement windows that are double glazed. 

Opening and closing the window is difficult 

Your windows should open with ease, whether they are sliding sash windows or casement windows, and if you’re struggling to open or close them, you will likely need replacements. Many different things can cause issues with the functionality of your windows, and this is a really important sign that you shouldn’t overlook. After all, windows are a vital escape route in the event of an emergency. 

You’re experiencing problems with condensation

If you have double or triple glazed windows and you notice that there is condensation in between the two/three panes of glass, then it is likely that your seals have failed. This, in turn, means that you either need to reglaze or replace your windows; otherwise, they simply won’t be energy efficient at all. 

The locks on your window are broken 

Security is incredibly important when it comes to your windows, especially because they are one of the weakest parts of your home. If your locks are no longer working effectively and you have no way to secure your windows when shut, it is recommended that you look at replacements. Depending on what has caused the locks to break, this may be your only option. 

You hear a lot of outdoor noise 

Nowadays, windows are designed with soundproofing qualities, and they should reduce some of the general noises you hear outside. If you notice that your windows aren’t actually providing protection from outdoor noise, you may want to consider replacement windows. You will likely notice a big difference when putting in new modern windows. 

Investing in replacement windows in Surrey 

All of these common signs are fairly obvious to spot, and they are all telling you that it is time to replace your windows. Ideally, you shouldn’t ignore any of these things, and when your existing windows are no longer suitable for the job, you should ensure that you’re investing in the required window replacements. As mentioned above, it is always worthwhile to do so, and you will thank yourself as soon as you start to reap the benefits of replacements.  Whether you’re in desperate need of new windows or you simply want to update your windows before you start experiencing these signs, reach out to our team here at Brackenwood today. We supply replacement windows in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, and no matter what type of windows you’re looking for we will be able to help. You can find out more about us as a company and the windows that we supply over on our website or you can visit our showroom. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will happily assist you.