Every year there are lots of new trends for the interior design of homes, but there are also trends of the exterior design too. Many homeowners don’t realise that there are a certain things lots of people tend to do to the outside of their home, whether this is in relation to their garden or their home’s facade, and some exterior trends actually end up being very popular. There are even trends relating to windows and doors too.  It goes without saying that being aware of the latest trends can be really useful when you’re wanting to replace the exterior doors at your property and it can give you some inspiration for your own door designs. So, no matter what doors you’re wanting to replace this year, if you’re curious about the latest trends, below we have looked into some of the trends that lots of homeowners have got on board with over the past few months. 

Coloured front doors

Whilst for years homeowners have had natural brown or white front doors, it is becoming increasingly common for people to opt for something slightly more colourful. As composite remains to be one of the most popular materials for entrance doors, many are starting to play around with colour. Different shades of blue, green, red and grey are frequently being used on front doors and coloured doors are predicted to get even more common. 

Bi-folding doors 

For the back of a property, bi-folding doors are outweighing both French doors and patio doors in popularity. The interest in bi-folding doors has picked up quite a lot over the past couple of years, but this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. As homeowners are set to spend more time at home this summer, it is thought that many will invest in their outdoor space and installing bi-folding doors will be part of this investment. 

Long bar door handles 

In addition to colourful front doors, statement door handles are also a trend to be aware of. Many are steering clear of simple lever handles and opting for long bar or bow door handles instead. These simplistic, yet eye catching, handles are often as tall as the front door itself and they are proving that more than just functionality is important when choosing a door handle. Both circular and square designs are very on-trend right now. 

Oversized pivot front doors 

When mixing things up completely for their entrance door, many homeowners are opting for oversized pivot doors and these are very popular at bigger properties. Instead of having two separate hinged doors at their entrance, people are creating a wide opening to welcome their guests with one simple huge pivot door instead. This is a very chic and ultra-stylish alternative to traditional doors, and it is perfect for contemporary homes. 

Big panes of glass 

If homeowners don’t have space for bi-folding doors at the rear of their property, many are looking for solutions that provide them with the best unobstructed view of their garden. This has resulted in people installing simple single doors or French doors, but adding sidelights to either side of the door. These big panes of glass allow extra light to flood into a home and they are a brilliant alternative to external doors that require a lot of wall space. 

Two tone doors

More so than ever before, likely due to the popularity of coloured front doors, people are creating bespoke designs that are different colours on the inside to the outside. Many are still keeping the interior of their entrance doors or stable side doors very neutral and are only experimenting with exterior colours. The same goes for doors with thin frames too, people are taking full advantage of the freedom they have to create custom doors. 

Replacing the doors at your property 

If you’re interested in replacing the external doors at your property, hopefully, the information above will be useful. Now that you’re aware of the latest trends in this regard, you can ensure that you’re investing in doors that won’t just complement your home and your surroundings, but that are also perfect at this moment in time too. Thankfully, all of these trends are likely here to stay, so you won’t have to worry about your new doors not being timeless either.  When you’re getting a few door replacement quotes for the exterior doors that you’re interested in, the Brackenwood website is the best place to be. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality home improvement products all at competitive prices, and we will gladly provide you with a guide price for your project. You can simply request an instant door replacement quote via our website today and we can assure you that when you turn to us for new doors, you will always receive the very best value for money.