It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to upgrade their existing conservatory roof to a solid alternative and it is fair to say that there are a multitude of benefits to doing so. However, those who haven’t yet made this home improvement are often put off doing so because they assume that it will be incredibly expensive and a similar price to a new conservatory, but this definitely isn’t the case.  As you may expect, there are a number of different factors that will affect how much replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof costs and without knowing more details about your conservatory and the roof system you’re wanting to install, it will be very difficult to predict an exact figure. Understandably, price is always a big consideration for anyone who is wanting a roof replacement and to help homeowners who are intrigued by how much it may cost them, we have put together a list of factors that will influence the cost of the project. 

The new roofing solution you choose 

As you probably already assume, the new roofing solution that you choose will have an impact on the quote provided to you for replacing the roof. The same way that installing a glass roof conservatory differs from installing a polycarbonate roof conservatory, you can expect slate and tiled conservatory roof replacements to differ too, for example. 

The size and shape of your conservatory 

It is highly likely that the size and shape of your conservatory will also affect the final conservatory roof cost. Of course, generally speaking, the bigger your conservatory, the more expensive the project will be. However, with a wide range of different styles too, from victorian conservatories to lean-to conservatories, you can expect this to alter the price as well. 

The additional work you may require 

Sometimes, homeowners will choose to make additional changes to their conservatory, such as replacing the existing windows and doors, whilst they undertake the glass conservatory roof replacement. This additional work will make the overall quote more expensive, yet for many, this work is worthwhile and something they feel is cost-effective to carry out.

The time of the installation

There are two things relating to time that may go on to affect the cost of replacing your conservatory roof. Not only will the time of year that you require the work undertaking potentially impact the quote you’re given, but how quickly you need the project completed may too. Depending on how flexible you can be, the cost of the project will likely change. 

The company you choose to carry out the work 

There is no denying that this factor probably has the biggest impact on the overall cost of a conservatory roof replacement. Many companies provide this comprehensive service, however, not all companies provide the same high standard. As you may expect, opting for the cheapest quote you’re offered isn’t always the best. It isn’t just things such as the reputation of the company and the quality of the materials that they use that will affect the cost of the project, but you can expect things such as the length of the guarantee to influence the overall quotation provided. 

Finding out more about conservatory prices in Surrey 

Hopefully, the information above will give you an insight into the factors that will go on to affect how much replacing your conservatory roof with a solid roof costs. As mentioned above, many homeowners are surprised as to how affordable this home improvement can be, so if its something you’re interested in then it is worth getting an accurate quotation for an experienced company. This is something that we will gladly assist you with here at Brackenwood.  On our website, you will find a short questionnaire that you can fill out to receive a free quotation for the project and when doing so, a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss roof replacements in more detail. When you turn to us for the work, it is worthwhile noting that we also offer homeowners up to five years of interest-free credit too and this often makes the project even more affordable. If you have any questions at all in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.