Fix or replace your roofline, the tell tale signs. Spotting the signs of wear and tear around the house is relatively easy, but knowing what to look out for on your roofline is much harder. For one, it’s difficult to get up and close with your roofline if you’ve not got a ladder. Many people will have to rely on the help of professionals, booking someone to come out to study their roofline. Fortunately, there are some other ways of checking your roofline to ensure it’s doing its job - which is all about protecting your home!

 Cracks and broken sections

It might sound obvious, but looking out for cracks and broken sections is more important than you may realise. With all kinds of weather throughout the year, your fascia and soffits are always against the elements, so it’s important to check them at least once a year. If you’ve got a ladder, try to get out and scan the roofline yourself. If not, it is still possible to notice larger cracks, but you may miss smaller problems that could develop later on. Identifying tell tale signs it’s time to fix or replace your roofline and especially cracks and broken sections can save money with costly structure damage caused by water ingress.


Smaller animals are opportunists and will often seek a shelter that’s small, warm and hidden from predators. If your roofline is worse for wear, it’s likely that mice, birds, and even squirrels may have taken up residence in one of the cracks. This will lead to your roofline ending up in an even worse state, as you’ll soon have a family of animals living within your roofline. This will result in higher energy bills as you will have to spend more to heat your home as warm air leaks out.


It’s easy to forget about the guttering. Half of the year it mostly sits around your roofline, not having to do much until Winter. Once Winter does roll around though, guttering performs the important task of draining water from your roof. understanding the tell tale signs it’s time to fix or replace your roofline and knowing what to look for will save you money. If your guttering’s blocked or broken, you're going to end up with a serious leak that could not only damage your roofline but also your home. If you’re got a big enough ladder, we would recommend checking your guttering a few times a year. If you don’t have a ladder, there are dozens of local businesses that will check and clean your gutters at a competitive price.

Check Your Loft

Other than housing the various odds and ends we couldn’t find a home for, the loft is typically left well alone. Usually dark, dusty and crawling with spiders, there’s usually no reason to venture up there. Fortunately, the loft can be a great way to check on your roofline and the roof itself. If you find moisture or dampness in your loft, it can be a sign that the roofline is letting water in, a problem that could lead to mould and even structural damage. If this is the case, you’ll want to get in touch with someone instantly about fixing or replacing your guttering and fascia.

Peeling Paint

Depending on the type of roofline you have, some elements of it may include wood which has a layer of paint. As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, paint does eventually peel away, exposing the wood underneath. Exposed wood is prone to collecting moisture, warping and breaking as a result which could end up damaging other parts of your roofline. This is another problem that’s tricky to spot if you’re not close, so we recommend using a ladder or borrowing one. With over twenty years of experience of installing rooflines for customers across the Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey areas, Brackenwood can provide the perfect roofline for your home. With a wide range of fascia, soffits, barge boards and guttering to choose from, a ten-year guarantee and a bespoke colour service, there’s plenty of reason to get in touch today. Contact our team now on 00800 253545 to find out more.