Installing exterior French doors requires the sealing, framing and fitting of each door to ensure a draught and problem-free installation. We talk you through the steps in this informative blog post. The installation of external French doors takes time and patience to ensure that the door is properly hung and sealed with no gaps or potential security problems. It typically takes between two and three hours to install exterior French doors if two people work together and have a level of experience. Before you start to install your French doors, make sure to remove any protection foil that was added to prevent damage to the frame during transport. Remove the foil from the exterior section now and leave the foil on remaining aluminium, uPVC or wood surfaces to protect them during installation. You will need to install the handle by mounting it. Use a screwdriver to remove the security pin — pull down to release it — and lift the leaf out of its hinges before setting it aside. 

Step 1: Begin by Framing the Opening and Sealing It

Remember to seal the doorframe carefully to protect your home from draughts, condensation and insects. Depending on the model of French door you have chosen, you may have up to three levels of seal to install — inner, middle and outer. The middle seal is the primary element for thermal insulation and is made from construction foam. The outer seal is made from pre-compressed tapes or silicon jointing and protects your home from rain, condensation and atmospheric influences.  Once you’ve sealed the doorframe, carefully insert the frame of your French door into the wall opening. You’ll need to check that the doors fit properly and adjust the shims as necessary using a spirit level and washers. Ensure that the doorframe is in a perfectly vertical and horizontal position to avoid problems with opening and closing your doors. Important note: Don’t attempt to cut the opening for your exterior French doors without consulting a professional. Cutting out an exterior wall is a major job that can impact the value and stability of your house. Brackenwood’s experienced installers have over twenty-five years of experience fitting external doors and will be happy to provide assistance as part of your door installation.

Step 2: Screw in the Balcony Doorframe

Drill the mounting hole with an impact drill and a wooden or stone bit. Then, use the spirit level to ensure the frame is still perfectly aligned. Screw in the accompanying screws to attach the door frame to the wall. Make sure to protect your floors and surfaces in case of dust or debris caused by the impact drill.

Step 3: Seal and Foam the Gaps

You will need to seal and foam the gaps between the doorframe and wall opening. Ensure that the sealing tape for the outer level is fully extended and fill the space between the wall and doorframe with construction foam or filling materials. Then, attach insulation foil to the masonry or use acrylic or silicon jointing to complete the seal.  

Step 4: Install and Adjust the Door Leaf

Finally, install the door leaf and check whether the door can be opened and closed smoothly. You can readjust the door leaf if necessary to ensure the seamless operation of your French doors.

Have Your French Doors Professionally Installed

The best way to ensure a perfect fit and excellent operation is to have your French doors professionally installed. Brackenwood has been installing French Doors across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey for over twenty-five years and we offer a ten-year guarantee on all installations as well as five years' interest-free finance and flexible payment options.  You can get a clear and accurate price for your exterior French door installation by using our dynamic pricing system to request an instant quote. Simply enter your details to get started — the online quotation tool is easy to use and lets you choose different products or compare prices at the touch of a button. Prefer to speak to our expert installation team and get a quotation over the phone? Request a callback and a member of our friendly team will be delighted to discuss your desired products and services in more detail.