A front door is the entrance to your beloved home; it is essential for your property’s kerb appeal, first impressions, as well as the essential security of your home. As the front door is the natural focus when you see a property for the first time, this feature of your home has a huge impact, so choosing the right front door is not something to be taken lightly; the biggest mistake people make when buying their new front door is not doing their research. 

Why replace your front door?

There are many reasons why people decide to get a new front door. As we have already mentioned, your front door is not just about looks. It is part of your home security as well as a potential source of heat loss. If you believe any aspects of your property are being affected by your front door, such as making your home less energy-efficient or impacting the security of your home, a replacement is the best way forward. We have gone into more detail with these reasons below:
  • The existing front door is dated
Your front door is a key practical purchase. If the existing door is beginning to suffer wear and tear, or even just has a dated style, it may be time to start thinking about a replacement. Although your old door may not look too bad, older doors often have more chance of gathering dirt, grime and mould which all impact the kerb appeal of your property, as well as the essential structural integrity of the door. 
  • The front door doesn’t match your lifestyle

Your front door is not all about how it looks from the outside. Every household has different needs and if your front door does not align with your requirements, it’s time to find a replacement. Doors can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate your needs. You may find that you are looking for more natural light in your home, so a solid design doesn’t work anymore, or you may be trying to find a higher letterbox to stop the dog from grabbing your precious letters. All of these scenarios may find you wanting to replace your front door.
  • Increase your home’s security
In over 65% of burglaries, entry is gained through the front door. If you know your front door is not secure, getting this replaced is a huge priority. Any damage to your front door can pose a potential security risk and is very obvious to potential intruders, so leaving yourself vulnerable like this is never worth the gamble. Your home is going to be more susceptible to vandalism or break-ins, risking your property, possessions, and your family.  Without that peace of mind, it’s going to be difficult for you to have any confidence in the safety of your property. By having a new front door that is fully reinforced and completely secure you can sleep peacefully without any obvious worries about the security of your home. Modern front doors are also installed with a variety of lock options from standard bolts to keyless entry, ensuring the home is completely protected from any thieving opportunists who may try to find a weak spot in your home’s security system. 
  • Improve energy efficiency
With the costs of heating and energy rising so quickly every day, the energy efficiency of your home is of huge importance to keep your monthly bills low. The signs of a high-quality front door include keeping the heat in and preventing draughts from occurring, but if this isn’t the case, it’s time to install a new one. Durable, insulated materials used for modern front doors are designed to hold in heat in the winter and keep the heat out in summer.  To ensure maximum effectiveness, it’s important an installation is completed by professionals, such as a Brackenwood team, who can get the job installed quickly and efficiently, without losing cooling or heating elements in your home. 

Choosing the right style

When it comes to choosing a front door, it first comes down to pairing it with the style of your house or building. Choosing the right style of front door is crucial to ensure your property has maximum kerb appeal and is also somewhere you are proud to live. There are so many different styles to choose from, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To help you, we have outlined just a few of the most common styles to choose from:
  • Flat and solid front doors
If you are looking for a simple and contemporary design, a flat and solid front door may be the right option for you. They not only look great, but their high-quality design means that they provide a great home security solution. This style of door is especially suited to the owner of a mid-century home who is looking to combine past styles with modern themes, bringing their home more into the 21st century, but without looking overly fussy. 
  • Double front doors
When looking to make a statement, double front doors are a great option. Not only from an aesthetics perspective, but double front doors mean double the space, making them a great option for households who require more accessibility in their home. It also has the potential to introduce additional light to the entryway, complementing larger homes with grand-style porches. 
  • Victorian style front doors
Choosing a classic Victorian style of front door is the ideal way to add a touch of luxury to your home while keeping it secure. Inspired by the period architecture, if you have a period property and want to keep some of the traditional aesthetic, this style would be the perfect option. They not only look stunning but come with the modern benefits of high-quality materials and security. No matter what style of property you have, a Victorian door will inject some classic style and elegance to your home. 
  • Edwardian style front doors
Being more simple in design, Edwardian doors were designed to focus on durability, being robust and sturdy in appearance. If you want to give your home a timeless impression, Edwardian doors would be most suited to you, being commonly seen with a classic six panel design and two smaller glass panels at the top of the frame. If you have an Edwardian style home, this would also be a very obvious style choice to make on your new front door. 

What is the best material for your new front door?

Here at Brackenwood, one of the most common questions we get asked is regarding the material of your new front door - which is the best one to choose? Front doors can be made from many different materials, ranging in price and style, so it is important to understand these differences:
  • Aluminium front doors
Aluminium doors are known for being both strong and durable, making them a great front door material choice for the modern home. At Brackenwood, we have an exclusive collection of luxury entrance doors made with aluminum, providing our homeowners with a perfect blend of style, security and conciseness; a great way to make a statement to your neighbours. They are also easy to maintain, with no need for paints, varnishes or stains to keep them looking fresh and new - the quality truly speaks for itself.
  • Solid wood front doors
From classic to contemporary, solid wood front doors can be designed in a variety of styles. This material is a traditional, reliable and solid option and can be easily repaired if something goes wrong. At Brackenwood, our ‘Solid Timber Core Composite Entrance Doors’ would be the perfect option for anyone looking for the very best wooden door. Our team believes that this style creates a truly luxurious entrance door that definitely makes a statement, with lifelike woodgrains, high security locking, and thermally efficient performance. 
  • Composite front doors
Composite doors are taking over from PVCu as the standard high-street offering in terms of material choice and are a great way to add a high quality door to your home. Introduced to the market around ten years ago, these low maintenance, long lasting weather resistant doors don’t compromise on quality and can provide your dated home with a much-needed modern refresh. Here at Brackenwood, we know that choosing a new door for your home is a very personal decision. Our ‘GRP Composite Entrance Door’ can be designed with a huge range of styles, giving you the option of endless colour variations and features, so you are truly spoilt for choice when you create a door with us. 

About Brackenwood

Since being founded back in 1987, we have assisted thousands of homeowners with replacement front doors and we are incredibly proud of the excellent reputation our team has built over the years. We offer a family-run service to the local Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey area, and no matter what your needs may be, we’re more than happy to help.