Garden Room in the modern living environment. The garden often goes wasted in terms of its possibilities. Separate from your main residence, a garden room is an insulated building in your garden which allows your household to enjoy a multi-functional space. Constructed from high-quality, unique materials, if you want to utilise your garden space all year round it is time to install a garden room.  Ever since the pandemic, our home has a whole new meaning. From small business premises to office space, our houses are not just a place for relaxing anymore and when you own a garden room, you open up many new possibilities to explore the ways you can use your home and make the most out of the entire space. 

Does a Garden Room add value to your property?

With property prices on the rise, homeowners are always looking for ways to add value to their existing properties and a garden room can certainly add the value they are looking for. A garden room is quicker, cleaner and more affordable than a traditional extension, whilst offering the same benefits.  Most experts agree that a garden room will see a return on investment of between 1.4-1.6x its value, therefore, a high quality garden room could increase the value of a property between 5% and 15% - which is a significant increase in value, compared to the cost and hassle of installing the space.  Unlike an extension which could require planning permission and a substantial amount of building work and disruption to your home, the installation of a garden room itself involves minimal disruption and costs, with build times as short as a few days in some cases. At Brackenwood, our garden rooms are manufactured and designed to give you the maximum amount of flexibility and cause no disturbance to your main home.

What can a Garden Room be used for?

A garden room could be set up to appear to any professional interest or job, it is more than just extra space and can be completely designed to suit your specific needs, some of which could include:

Garden Room Gym

If you love working out at home, but can’t find any space or alone time away from the kids, why not turn a garden room into a state-of-the-art gym? You can incorporate everything from your favourite gym machines to speakers. Since the pandemic, working out at home has significantly decreased when households realised they didn’t need to visit a gym to get in a good workout. A garden room gym is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of your household, but without having to even leave your front door.

Garden Cinema Room 

For all the movie lovers out there, garden rooms have even been used to create home cinemas. As the space is completely separate from your home, you have the option to really turn up and speakers and immerse yourself in the entire experience. The space will become your household’s personal entertainment facility, allowing you to relax and recuperate as a family, whilst enjoying your favourite films. 

Garden Room Salon

As we have already touched upon, since the pandemic the modern home is being used for all sorts of different purposes - including businesses. If you are looking to have your very own beauty salon, why not install a garden room? For anyone starting their own business or looking to expand, a dedicated garden room space can be an absolute gamechanger.  You will have complete control over your premises, with a dedicated space which is specifically designed for your needs and requirements, allowing you to progress further in your venture without the huge overheads of a traditional highstreet space lease. With a modern garden room, you can guarantee that your salon will look luxurious and stylish for your customers, certainly setting the right impression when establishing a reputable beauty brand.

Garden Room Man Cave

As the man of the house, if you have always dreamed of having your very own private space, a garden room is a great option. From a bar to a games room, your personal man cave has endless uses and will be completely separate from the rest of your home - the ultimate getaway from the madness of the household.  You could even design the ultimate personal games room with a pool table, snooker table and foosball table. It’s the perfect space to invite friends round to watch a sports match, enjoy a few beers or even just be a quiet room to escape and take some time out for yourself. There are no limits on how you can transform your space,

Garden Room Office

Working from home has become the norm for the majority of us, but it can be so difficult to switch off and go back to reality after a long day sitting at a computer screen. Garden rooms can easily be turned into personal offices, designed specifically to ensure you make the most out of the working day. Estate agents and lenders even estimate that the extra space provided by a garden office can add between 5% to 10% to the value of your home. Garden offices are becoming extremely popular and have proven to be effective in creating a professional work environment in the comfort of your own home. Your new positive work environment would be completely separate from the distractions of home life, freeing up more time for you to spend with your family and friends without being stuck in the rut of no work-life-balance. 

Why does a Garden Room add value?

In a competitive housing market, it always makes sense to stand out from the crowd, and a garden room ensures exactly that, but why does it add value?
  • More living space
When valuing a property, floor space is always a huge factor, especially in competitive and expensive areas such as London. Due to its endless possibilities of uses, your garden room would count as a proper living space, as long as it is installed and insulated correctly. No matter whether you installed your garden room as an office, games room or even a man cave, your potential buyer will be able to use the space for whatever they choose and envision themselves utilising the space for their needs.
  • Attracts professionals
Due to the permanent change in our professional lifestyles, working from home is set to continue indefinitely. There has also been a rise in self-employment too with many people starting their own businesses from home and needing professional, dedicated workspaces to do so effectively.  Home offices have been extremely popular in the property market, but garden rooms are seen to be even more popular, as they can be used as an office space themselves. Unlike a home office, a garden room is completely separated from the house and creates the perfect location for a calm and professional working environment. This separation between work and home life is incredibly beneficial for your mental health, allowing professionals and business owners to physically step away from their work and unwind. 
  • Encourages a faster sale
Competing in the property market is all about standing out and a garden room is going to do just that. Before prospective buyers have even paid a visit to your home, having a dedicated space in the garden will undoubtedly attract them to make an offer. Investing in a garden room now could provide the ‘wow factor’ future buyers are looking for in the future home. In the property world, garden rooms are often seen as bonus features by viewers, providing additional value and sets your property apart from other similar houses on the market. 

Brackenwood Garden Rooms

At Brackenwood, our garden rooms are constructed using the latest design and manufacturing technology and assembled by professional installation experts, who only use the highest quality materials and tried and tested building concepts. With our help, you can create the garden room of your dreams by choosing an exterior design that suits your property and personal preferences. With a wide range and choice of materials, colours, design styles and textures, you can create a truly bespoke personal space which adds value to your home. The entire process is completed promptly and professionally, minimising the amount of time we have to spend in your garden. A Brackenwood garden room is also going to provide you with many years of a flexible and durable outdoor space which you can not only enjoy with your household, but increase the value of your property too. As a team, we always strive for excellence, working with our clients to build a garden room that exceeds all expectations, so be sure to get in touch to learn more.