Measuring For a Quotation

How to measure double glazing  windows when measuring to obtain a quotation. When replacing double glazing, it is not critical that the measurements you give are millimetre perfect at the initial stage. Once you have obtained your quotation and decided which company to use, most replacement window companies will send a surveyor out to take exact sizes prior to manufacture. To get the very best estimate try and give accurate sizes, usually within a few millimetres is good enough for pricing purposes. Measure in millimetre (mm) use a sturdy tape measure and if your windows are large or particularly high and you need to stand on something, make sure you have someone help you with the task, even if it is just to write down the numbers. Most companies will want to know the width and height of each window together with how many openings are required and if there are currently air vents fitted. We have included an image which identifies some of the more common parts of a window and the terminology used. It is unlikely that you will need to know much of these but we have provided the information for a better understanding and to help with the quotation process. To help get the best accurate price it is now good practice to provide as much information as possible and if you can provide images, that really helps with the process. Things You Will Need
  • Good Sturdy Tape Measure
  • Pencil & Paper
  • Step or Step Ladder
  • Helper
  • Smart Phone

Measure the Width

When providing the measurements it is usual to start with the width and good practice to provide the sizes in millimetres (mm). There is no need to go outside, you can measure from inside the house, allowances are made for external tolerances during the pricing process and as said previously, it is usual for a surveyor to take final exact measurements prior to manufacture. Start by making a note of the window location, Lounge, Kitchen, Back Bedroom etc. Measure the width horizontally from Plaster to Plaster or Stone to Stone or Brick to Brick, see the attached image. Take three sets of sizes, top, middle and bottom providing the biggest number as the width for this window.

Measure the Height

Once you have completed the process for finding the width for the window, the next process is to find the height. As before take three sizes, this time take the left, centre and right sizes of the window and again use the largest number for the purpose of obtaining an exact quotation. Start with your tape on the window cill and measure vertically to the top inside of the cavity (hole) in which the window sits. If the window is a large or high window be sure to have an assistant who can help to ensure you are safe whilst taking each measurement. It is good practice to ensure that all windows are closed and locked before measuring to avoid any accidents.

Measure Height from Floor

Once you have identified the Width and Height the next step is to find out if Toughened Safety Glass is required. On all projects where the height of the window is less than 800mm from floor height and in Halls, Landings and Bathrooms Toughened Glass is a requirement. The process as like the two previous measures is very straight forward. Start with your tape measure on the floor and measure the distance from the floor to the top of the window cill and mark down that measurement in millimetres (mm). How to measure double glazing windows simplifies the amount of information you need to provide to get a comprehensive and fully inclusive price.

Window Styles

To complete the process providing an image of each window will help to ensure that the quotation process delivers an accurate price. Images can easily be taken on most mobile phones and attached to an email and sent together with your sizes. This is the time where you should notify any changes that you want to the style, design, colour or look of the windows. In most cases changes will not be an issue, however in certain circumstances such as conservation or restricted areas changes cant be made unless permission has been obtained. The process of obtaining permission will normally be advised and help given where appropriate to do so. How to Measure Double Glazing Windows is a simple step by step process, however if you need any help our team are only too happy to help, please do not hesitate to call us on our free number 0800 253545.

Additional Information

If you need any additional help with obtaining a quotation for replacement windows or any other aspect of double glazing please do not hesitate to contact the office. There are some additional tools that you may fins useful and helpful in obtaining your quote for double glazed windows, you can download our quote form here or use our online double glazing quote tool here