When purchasing a new property, many homeowners will spend a lot of time and money working on the interior design and transforming the inside of their home to meet their individual taste. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to take inspiration from one of the most popular design trends when doing so; mid-century modern, and lots of people will want to make the interior of their home minimalist and contemporary in style.  Whilst it can be easy to overlook to start with, when you’re transforming your modern home, you will reach a stage where your windows and doors are letting down the overall aesthetics and it is likely that they will need replacing. Thankfully, with an incredibly vast range of different designs available for double glazed windows and doors these days, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that works with your modern home.  Below we have looked into the most popular styles, materials and colours of modern windows and doors to give you some inspiration. 

Window and door styles 

In many older properties here in the UK, sliding sash windows are used and they provide a traditional feel, whereas something like casement windows is considered to be much more modern. However, if you’re wanting to install something that will work well with your contemporary style, tilt and turn windows are definitely worthwhile looking into.  As far as doors are concerned, front doors have changed quite a lot in terms of design over the years and many modern designs now contain minimal amounts of glass, if any at all. Interestingly, rear doors have gone the opposite way, and many are now wanting their doors to be made from huge panes of glass. This makes bi-fold doors one of the most sought after options instead of patio doors or french doors

Window and door materials

Lots of homeowners decided to swap their classic timber windows and doors for uPVC windows and this material has been one of the most popular options ever since for a number of different reasons. However, when looking at new windows and doors for a modern home, it is definitely worthwhile considering aluminium.  The slimline frames of aluminium windows and doors give them a chic look, and to some, they are much more aesthetically pleasing than uPVC. Aluminium is incredibly durable and virtually maintenance-free too which is an additional bonus. When looking at different materials, composite is also worth looking into, especially for entrance doors, and this option is becoming increasingly sought after by homeowners. 

Window and door colours 

Almost all properties, from heritage properties and cottages to apartments and townhouses, will have white windows and doors, with the occasional property opting for a natural brown colour. That being said, there is such a huge range of different colours available to choose from nowadays and it is likely that there will be something more suitable for a modern home.  Darker colours and in particular black, are starting to become more popular in contemporary properties, especially for aluminium windows and doors with big panes of glass. Due to the fact that the aluminium is so thin, the darker colour doesn’t look too overpowering, however, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners who are making a style statement to contrast black windows and doors with the white facade of their property. 

Installing new windows and doors 

When you’re wanting to invest in new windows and doors to match the contemporary interior design of your home, hopefully, the information above will be beneficial to you. It goes without saying that installing new windows and doors can make such a huge difference to both the look and feel of your home and it is undoubtedly a worthwhile home improvement project to invest in. It will likely finish off all the hard work you’ve already done.  If you’re interested in upgrading the windows and doors at your property to match the modern vibe of your home, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood. For decades now we have been providing the highest quality double-glazed windows and doors to homeowners at competitive prices, and you can trust that we can help you to create the perfect designs for your modern home. Why not visit our showroom to take a look at some of the different styles of double-glazed windows and doors that we can supply today?