When deciding to replace their windows, there is no denying that homeowners have a lot of important decisions to make. Aside from deciding on a style and a material, they will also need to think about the various different colour options available to them nowadays too. Whether you opt for tilt and turn windows or sliding sash windows, you really do have a limitless choice when it comes to frame colour.  Of course, all homeowners have their own preferences and opinions when choosing which colours they’d like to use throughout their home, but when it comes to window colours, many aren’t sure where to even start. So, to help anyone who is wanting to invest in double glazed window replacements, below we have looked into some of the most popular colour options available that lots of homeowners choose for their frames. 

White window frames 

Whether they’re installing uPVC or timber window frames, many homeowners will play things safe and stick to white frames. This has been the most popular colour choice for many years now and it is fair to say that white windows look brilliant at any property.  Simply put, white window frames are a clean, classic and timeless choice that work well no matter what your interior design may be like or what colour your home’s facade is. They also work well no matter what your neighbouring properties look like and you can trust that they will complement any surrounding area, and they won’t stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

Brown window frames 

When they’re wanting something more natural-looking, lots of homeowners will choose a shade of brown to paint their windows. With exemplary painting services available, you don’t have to choose timber frames to have natural looking windows, you can still get this with uPVC.  Due to the fact that brown is a warm colour, it works really well alongside brickwork and it helps your windows to blend into your home’s facade. You can trust that brown window frames will look amazing for many years to come too and the colour won’t fade or be affected by the sun. Brown windows look particularly good at cottages and heritage properties.

Black window frames 

Whilst black windows have been used in buildings like factories for many decades, over the past few years they have become much more popular for homes. As many more homeowners choose aluminium windows, they are also tempted by darker window frames too.  Commonly, people associate black window frames with modern new build properties and whilst they undoubtedly look amazing in contemporary homes, they do work in properties with lots of character too. You can make a real style statement when opting for black windows and many will choose to paint their home a contrasting light colour to make these chic windows stand out. 

Coloured window frames 

To some homeowners' surprise, it is actually quite common for people to choose coloured windows frames nowadays too and light greys, sage greens and neutral stones, in particular, are a popular choice. Many are choosing to steer away from ‘traditional’ in this regard.  Coloured window frames can look amazing on a number of different styles of property and it isn’t difficult to find a colour that works with the look and feel of your home. With coloured doors rising in popularity too, many are choosing to match their exterior door frames with their window frames, and this can be really aesthetically pleasing.

Investing in double glazed window replacements

All in all, it goes without saying that there are so many brilliant colour options available to choose from when replacing your windows these days and there really is the perfect solution for every home. The window colour that you choose can completely transform the look of your home, so instead of simply opting for the same colour you currently have, it is definitely worthwhile exploring all alternatives before you invest in replacement windows.  When searching for a window company that can assist you with double glazed window replacements, be sure to contact us here at Brackenwood today. Since being founded back in 1987, we have assisted numerous homeowners with replacement windows and doors, and we are incredibly proud of the excellent reputation our team has built over the years. We offer a family-run service to the local Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey area, and no matter what your needs may be for your double glazed windows, we’re more than happy to help.