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At Brackenwood we have a simple price guarantee, we won’t be beaten on quality or price. If you find an equivalent specification, including safe guards, standards and guarantees, Brackenwood will at the very least, match your price, but in most cases beat it.
This is not a price match, that wouldn’t be fair and is not in the spirit or ethic of how we conduct our business. What our Price Promise delivers is a direct comparison, Apples for Apples and if the Apples are the same then the price should be too.
With over 60,000 customers and experience spanning 5 decades we have some knowledge and understanding of what’s available on the market. We are well placed to make a good comparison and help you identify the differences between quotations, giving you the relevant information and questions to ask.
If you prefer a lesser quality to help reduce the price, that is an option we can help you discover. As a diverse business we have a Trade Department, New Build Department and a Warehouse Operation, each aspect delivers a differing specification to that offered at Brackenwood Retail.
In short, generally we can match the specification offered by most other companies and in the main, our price is at least as good and very often much better.
This means that you always get the very best quality at the very best price.
Put us to the test – you’ve nothing to lose & everything to gain!

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