When it comes to replacing the doors at the back of their property, homeowners have a number of modern designs to choose from, including things like bifold doors and sliding patio doors, yet one of the most popular types of door remains to be a French door. This traditional double door design is perfect for absolutely any property and French doors really are a brilliant way to connect your home to your garden.  If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your external doors, or even replacing a window with an additional set of doors, and you’re wondering whether French doors are the right choice for your home, keep reading today. Below we have looked into some of the main reasons why this type of door is so popular amongst homeowners and why installing French doors would be a beautiful improvement to your home. 

Quick and easy to install

This is one of the easiest styles of doors to install, especially when compared to other options like bifold doors, for example. French doors are simple double doors on hinges and they work in the same way as your front door, so they can be installed in just a couple of hours. Even if you’re installing them where a window used to be, it won’t be a tedious and lengthy process. 

Versatile in terms of design 

When choosing to install new doors, not only are uPVC, aluminium and timber French doors available, but homeowners can create bespoke designs that complement their home and its surroundings too. This type of door is so versatile that whether you live in an old farmhouse or a modern townhouse, you won’t struggle to design French doors that are perfect for your home. 

Big panes of glass 

French doors are made from two large panes of glass and once they’re installed they will allow so much natural light to flood into your home. Even when the doors are closed, you will still have a beautiful view of your garden thanks to the ultra-thin frames that are available nowadays too. Of course, when you swing these doors open, they will instantly make your interior feel more spacious as well. 

Energy-efficient solution 

Many homeowners choose to install double glazed French doors as they can help to improve the overall energy efficiency of their home, especially when they’re replacing a single glazed window or door. These doors can help to reduce your heating and cooling costs, and generally make your home a much more comfortable temperature all year round. 

Incredibly secure 

Ensuring that their home is secure is a huge priority for lots of homeowners and thankfully, you can have complete peace of mind in this regard when you install French doors. These doors are designed to be incredibly secure and the locking systems that they feature will help to keep your home and your family safe by preventing any forced entry. 

Durable and long-lasting

Whether you install modern aluminium or uPVC french doors, you won’t have to pay out for costly maintenance or repairs and these doors will look amazing for many years to come. Unlike other doors, you won’t have to worry about maintaining mechanical parts or keeping the track system clean either and French doors will practically take care of themselves. 

Installing French doors at your property 

All in all, it is easy to see why so many homeowners install French doors and it is no surprise that they’re one of the most frequently chosen types of door. When you’re wanting to replace the back doors at your property it is undeniably worthwhile looking at French doors and you can trust that there will be the perfect design available for your home. If you’d like to visit a showroom to see some different French doors in Surrey, contact us here at Brackenwood.  We have a beautiful showroom down the road in Basingstoke that has a huge selection of windows and doors on display. We know just how beneficial it can be for homeowners to visit a showroom when they’re making big home improvements and seeing our exterior door designs in person really can make choosing what’s best for your home much easier. Of course, our staff will be on hand to share their knowledge of the range to help you find exactly the right design too, so visiting our showroom really is the first step when upgrading your doors.