When contemplating upgrading the windows in their home from single glazing, one of the first things that the vast majority of homeowners will ask is ‘how much does double glazing cost to install?’. Many are aware that this type of home improvement can be costly and it is often this that puts people off even enquiring about double glazing. However, you will be surprised to hear that it isn’t actually as expensive as you may think to have double glazed windows Whilst we’re unable to provide an exact answer to this question in one singular blog, as there is no average price and this will differ from home to home, we can inform you of the different factors that will affect how much replacing your windows will cost you. Hopefully, the information below will help you to understand the costs associated with double glazed windows. 

The number of windows you’re looking to upgrade 

It goes without saying really that the number of windows you need to replace in your home will always impact how much your double glazing costs. Whilst there may be some offers available for bulk purchases, generally speaking, the more windows you invest in, the more expensive your double glazing will be. 

The type of windows you would like 

As you may expect, different window styles will have different price points. For example, standard casement windows may be cheaper than bigger bay windows or sliding sash windows. We will be able to inform you just how much each window style costs and, if you’re working to a budget, help you choose the best style for your home. 

The colour and finish you’re interested in

You may not be surprised to hear that the material you choose for your double glazed window frames will affect the pricing, as will the colour and finish you want too. Personalising your window frames can cost more than opting for a standard design and this is something that you should be aware of. However, for many, it is always a worthwhile additional expense. 

The quality of the windows

Different window specialists will provide different quotes and when comparing quotes, it is important to be aware of quality. Of course, the higher the quality of the windows, the more expensive they will be. Whilst we pride ourselves on quality, if you prefer a lesser quality to help reduce the price, that is an option we can help you discover here at Brackenwood

The furnishing options you choose 

Aside from the level of security offered by your double glazed window installation, where quality multi-point locking systems will be more costly, you can also expect the furnishings to make a difference to the price. For example, the window fasteners that you choose can also impact the amount that your new windows will cost you. 

The glass designs you’re considering

Lastly, whilst the glazing option you choose (in this case double glazing) will always make a difference to the cost of replacement windows, it is likely that the glass designs you choose will affect this too. Some people opt for intricate designs featuring coloured glass and, as you may expect, this is more expensive than a simple obscure glass or plain alternative. 

Finding out exactly how much double glazing costs 

Here at Brackenwood, we passionately believe that upgrading from single glazing to double glazing shouldn’t be a financial burden and we will do all we can to help this be affordable for you. We offer a range of funding options to those who are interested in new windows and we will happily discuss these with you in more detail. Of course, it is always worthwhile pointing out that when changing your house windows, you will go on to save a considerable amount on your energy bills and this can very often help towards reducing the double glazed windows price too. If you’re interested in receiving a personalised quote and finding out exactly how much double glazing will cost you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. All you need to do is request a quote and we will provide you with exact figures for all available finance options, based on your specific requirements. Here at Brackenwood, we have a price promise as well; if you find an equivalent specification, we will at the very least match your price, but in most cases beat it. With our help, you will always get the very best quality at the very best price.